Thursday, April 26, 2007


If you didn't see Bill Moyers' Journal on Wednesday, "Buying The War", try to catch it in a rerun sometime. In true Moyers fashion it was a calm, rational slice into the complicity of the US news media in promoting the Bush administration fabrications which led to the war in Iraq.

The transcript is here.

The day before Bill Moyers came out of retirement to spell the truth of how the American media aided and abetted the Bush administration, Jessica Lynch told her story to the US Senate Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Lynch has been telling her story for a long time. Finally though, she can stand on the elevated platform and tell it like it is: The Pentagon lied and the US news media let them. The truth was out there from the beginning and the US media dismissed it.

Moyers described the Bush adventure into Iraq as "taking leave of reality". The news media can be accused of that too. One would hope that having had it laid at their feet with the world watching would generate an attempt to regain credibility.

Don't count on it.

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