Monday, April 23, 2007

This is a joke, right?

Having solved every other problem in the world, the member of parliament representing the constituents of Kildonan - St. Paul (Winnipeg) has decided to tackle.... the Internet.

That's right, she's introduced the Clean Internet Act.

Now, I can understand the sentiment of Joy Smith. I just find it a little strange that a member of the Conservative Party is getting all sweaty over the internet and ignoring the fact that everything she covers in her ridiculous little bill is already dealt with elsewhere.

This is nothing but government trying to get into your hard drive.

Alison has more and lays it out neatly, just to make it easy for our miss Joy.

Here's a hint for the voters of Kildonan - St. Paul: Give all candidates for MP in the next election an IQ test. It serves no purpose to send an idiot to Ottawa lest that person is compared to US senator Ted Stevens.

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