Sunday, November 26, 2006

Via The Cylinder, it would seem Tony Blair's wife, Cherie, has taken a dim view of journalists, suggesting the profession lacks morality.

She went on:

She told a stunned audience that it was "not a noble calling" and journalists "have no ethics".
Oh yes. The audience? Journalism students.

That's right. The wife of Britain's prime minister, a person who has created all sorts of political controversy and has misused her husband's position for personal gain, called journalists immoral.

She didn't mention her own acts of incredulous behaviour, hints of corruption and the fact that she wallows in the same trough as some of the most immoral British politicians in history.

While Blair decries the intrusion of the British press into her private life, she has proven that unless she is watched, and reported upon, she will abuse her position and she will lie when asked direct questions.

No ethics? Lacks morality? If that's Blair's description of the press that keeps catching her out, imagine the words that would be used to describe her.

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