Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Neo-Con Storm of Shyte

Think of this for a minute: If, after threatening and finally invading Iraq, even though no Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction™ had been found, Iraq had somehow become a relatively stable democracy. (I say relatively because there are other forms of government in the region which are not democracies, per se, but in which the majority of people are quite happy.)


OK. Despite all the people who would be scrambling for the inevitable credit, who would be given the big parade? Who would be able to have a legion of "Monicas" lined-up at the Oval Office door and never find himself under Congressional investigation?

Ah, yes. I understand the Cheney answer, but think harder.

Right!! Dubya!

Wasn't that easy? The person in charge gets to be the one who gets ALL the credit. Everyone else just worked to make sure HE accomplished the mission.

Now, let's say it didn't quite go as planned. Let's say that Iraq turned into an awful mess. Let's say that, despite all the planning, it turned out that the whole mess was dealt with in such an incompetent manner that even the other incompetents noticed. Who gets credited with that?

Wrong!! Dubya doesn't do failure.

Scott at Lawyers Guns and Money points at who the neo-cons are lining up against the wall and, dear oh dear, it doesn't seem to be Richard Perle.

Glenn Greenwald uncovers the filth that is Powerline and discovers that they are now blaming, well... the Iraqis for the whole thing. Let's face it. It was their fault. Despite the fact that they did not receive the programme, there were enough hints as to what they should have done, that any failure to do so on their part would result in, ummm, close to what they have now.

Roger Ailes pulls the cover off Ahmed Chalabi only to discover him madly scrambling to cover his own ass. He also hands over David "The-Axis-Of-Evil" Frum who is now reduced to being the most useless offspring his late, great mother.

Also from Roger, picked up from Vanity Fair, this little gem from Michael Ledeen:

Ask yourself who the most powerful people in the White House are. They are women who are in love with the president: Laura [Bush], Condi, Harriet Miers, and Karen Hughes.
Of course! It's the women! It's always the women! They started it.

Of course, Ledeen goes, oh so much further and makes strenuous claims that he was never a promoter of Bush's Iraq policy. That brings us right back to Glenn, who tears him for asswipe.

I'm trying to recall when I saw such a performance before. I believe it was here. The only difference is that they didn't pretend to be anything else.

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