Monday, November 20, 2006

A Privatized Border and a Privatized Army

In one day, two stories with Canada's Neo Government proposing privatization projects.

The Globe and Mail reports about the new Windsor-Detroit crossing that “The government of Canada... intends to explore the opportunity to partner with the private sector to design, build, finance and operate the new crossing,”.

And The Star reports that the Canadian Army "...will rely increasingly on civilian contractors and reservists to train new recruits...".

What's next? A privatized Parliament? Makes sense to me.

What would make even more sense would be to privatize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the very least force Peter Mackay to be interviewed for the job by an HR professional.

Of course, privatizing the entire government and making all these so called Conservative Cabinet bozos be interviewed by an HR professional would lead to Canada having no government whatsoever.

Which, upon consideration, would be an improvement to what we have to accept as one now.

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