Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Road Gang Right and The Loony Left

The loony left.

For a moment as I began typing I wondered where the phrase came from but I realize that it makes no difference. It was almost certainly one of the intellectually deficient blowhards of the raucous, robustious right.

However I do wonder how much longer the phrase will remain part of the vernacular.

Especially when you consider that the “loony left” has been correct about events and their consequences much more often than the rug-burned, rock-bottom right over the last number of years. I mean, really, the rigid, rapacious right has been so wrong on so many counts it’s not really a simple matter to tally them all up anymore.

I wonder too how long it will take one of the so called thinkers on the robber-baron, racketeer right to realize that they merely isolate themselves by the application of the term “loony left” to anyone and everyone who disagrees with them and their wacked out world view. And that is quite clearly the vast majority of the population. Once everyone to the left of Attila the Hun becomes a “loony lefty” then the only space left for those fond of the term is the radioactive, rabid right end of a very foreshortened spectrum.

Not that I expect the ridiculous, raddled right to refrain from using the phrase for a good long time yet. It’s going to take them a while to realize that they’re neither ascendant nor particularly popular.

Of course there are those among them who only want to be part of the in crowd, one of the kool kids and hang around with the movers and shakers. So it’s equally likely they’ll be looking to join another club once they figure out that the old gang aren’t kool or in charge any more. They’ll stop using the term sooner so they don’t have to put themselves in the position of joining a club they formerly disparaged. They’ll also be more disturbed by its continued use among Attila’s hordes of the robotlike, reactionist right. As are some reformed smokers who drop their old friends who still smoke.

It’s going to be interesting days watching the onset of North American movement conservatisms death throes.

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