Friday, November 03, 2006 Polling Users is doing a user poll.

I have no idea how they're determining which IPs get asked to do the thing but clearly my .ca domain was not excluded because I did the whole thing.

Its fairly long and detailed. Questions are asked about ranges of coverage and there are text boxes available for further comments. Then at the end there's a text box for 'further comments about MSNBC coverage'. Here's what I gave them.

"You're too deferential to *all* members of the elites - politicians, corporate execs, *all*.

You're too ready to uncritically follow some crackpots down garden paths of their own making - ie science deniers, swiftboaters and so on while at the same time being too ready to dismiss legitimate concerns relevant to the well being and survival of the republic. I don't know if its laziness, lack of researchers or simple prejudice but it's real and you do it a lot. Example: Since the '01 election the problems with electronic voting machinery have been clear. MSNBC, and to be fair almost all other US media, tended to dismiss the on going reports because they came from "activists", "left leaning voters groups or think tanks". Now it's on almost every front page except that now it's too late.

You're also too ready to uncritically accept that sanctimony from members of the braggadocio christian right means that they must be living what they spout. Or for that matter that mere sanctimony is an indicator of great wisdom. More often than not it's an indication of a mind uncomfortable with complexity.

I surf to you every day because you're a big, all encompassing site with tie ins to Newsweek and WaPo - and you have Olbermann, perhaps the bravest US broadcast journalist since Murrow. Please try to keep him from being shot by some wanker who wants to get Coulter's attention.

That is not all I would like to say to you but for now it is enough."

Surf over from time to time over the weekend if you'd like to give them a piece of your mind too.

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