Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Andrew Coyne Channels Dick Cheney

In a column today Coyne defends the US invasion of Iraq and says "I Regret Nothing".

Good for him, I say. Nothing like confessing to blood lust to cleanse the soul.

In his piece, way down in the second to last paragraph, while talking about The Taliban and Bin Laden he says that "We know that they were in continual contact with Saddam, even if Duelfer found that this did not amount to a "relationship."

That assertion is probably based on assumptions about certain allegations having to do with an unnamed "Arab country"made in something Fox News, and a red meat right wing ex-CIA character named Ray Robison call "The Saddam Dossier."

Nothing is mentioned of this document or documents in the ISG final report, nor in the subsequent addenda.

In fact, looking for some kind of confirmation of the existence of these papers results in running around in perfect circles from right wing blog to right wing news source and back to right wing blog. Nothing whatever anywhere else as far as I've been able to determine.

And this right wing circle jerk is the likely source of Coyne's assertion of certain knowledge.

Coyne is perfectly free to believe and write whatever he wishes of course.

But as far as I'm concerned, for him to assert certainties based solely on unsubstantiated Fox News reports that no other network or publication picks up and extreme right wing bloggers severely diminishes his already dim credibility.

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