Sunday, November 12, 2006

35 Years On

When Nixon's presidency fell apart due to Watergate Dick Cheney was enraged that the power of the presidency could be so undermined by Congress. As was Rumsfeld for that matter.

Now 35 years later they are both once again hoist on the petard of the Congressional branch.

But that's an old and well known story.

I wonder who in the weeds of the Bush administration is going to emerge in 35 years to once again attempt to establish a unitary executive.

She or he would probably have to be under 45 years old today.

Any guesses?

Steven G. Bradbury maybe?

David Addington?

John Hannah?

There's always Scooter Libby too.

It'll be somebody that's for sure.

Of course it might not matter a tinker's damn by the time another 35 years have gone by. In point of fact it might not matter in another 5 years.

It's entirely possible that US dominance has only a few years left to run.

In some ways, maybe even most ways, that's too bad. We might all end up missing US dominance if Niall Ferguson is correct.

Not advocacy, just food for thought.

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