Sunday, November 26, 2006

2006 Canadian Blog Awards - round two

Just a reminder that the voting for round two of The Canadian Blog Awards is open until December 1st. You can vote once each day in each category.

Of course, I will remind our readers that The Galloping Beaver is in the running for Best Group Blog and we would all appreciate any and all support. I might add that we are competing with blogs I consider to be among the best in North America... which occasionally stirs a question as to why we're there, but I'm glad we are.

Endorsements from a group blog are difficult. The best any one of us can provide is a personal endorsement which may differ from those of our co-bloggers. So, the following is my personal selection and not the position of other contributors. As opposed to an endorsement, call it a projection of the way I'd like to see things turn out.

Best Blog is something of a problem. My personal choice isn't there (it wouldn't have been TGB, by the way). Having hopped through the offerings I find Milkmoney Or Not, Here I Come is among my favourites.

Best Conservative Blog is something I would have given a pass, except that there are some good ones out there. Even though it's been called liberal by one of its competitors, I like The Prairie Wranglers. Whether we agree or not, Olaf does present his views well. He has some tough competition but if you eliminate the racists and the card-carrying CPoC politician, The Prairie Wranglers only has one other competitor: Bound By Gravity.

Best Progressive Blog is tough. I like all of them. Without adding much comment, I'm going with Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy. I like the style.

Best New Blog depends on what you think a new blog should be. I like Harper-Valley. In that genre, The Next Agenda is well done and interesting, but I like the humour in Harper-Valley.

Best Group Blog is easy. We're in the competition.

Best Humour Blog should be a cake-walk. For that reason I'm hoping Harper-Valley takes it. Scout's real competition is Rick Mercer but with more regular posts and new materiel, I like Harper-Valley a lot better.

Best Media Blog should only be four competitors. Antonia Zerbisias seems to have closed her blog down. I like Inside The CBC.

Best Business Blog We're Not Wired Right.

Best Blog Post is a category we were in during round one. Having been eliminated I can now admit that I feel the best post out there is POGGE's Fly On The Wall.

Best Blog Post Series is also good competition. Again, I'm going with Harper-Valley's If Only They Were Normal series. It's funny and the graphics are great.

Best Cultural Blog. I'm going with Somena Media.

Best Family Blog is something I hope Postcards From The Mothership takes.

Best Sci/Tech Blog is tough. They're all great. I'm going with one which gathered my interest - Off The Grid.

And, there you go. We all have Robert McClelland at My Blahg to thank for putting this together and doing all the work.

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