Thursday, September 03, 2009

When the writ gets dropped...

We're coming for you.

Because at this point, it isn't about differences in ideologies. It isn't about trade agreements or Quebec. It isn't about climate or the North. It isn't about the West. It isn't about the name of a fucking party or the public persona of its leaders and members.

No. Because when you started appointing bigots, racists, and religious fanatics to key positions, when you brow-beat the GG, you went beyond politics. When you started participating in the torture and imprisonment non-white Canadians at the hands of vicious little foreign governments, it became very fucking personal.

It became about what is acceptable to do to our fellow human beings and citizens.

You reduced it to the absolute bedrock of what it means to live in a democratic and free society.

If the others are paying attention, they will recognise this is a single issue election on the one thing that your fetid little gang cannot spin a defence around. And if they don't, we do and there are many more of us.

More to follow.

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