Saturday, September 19, 2009

"No HST" Rally in Vancouver . . . .

Today was the initial rally in BC for those opposing the HST or Harmonized Sales Tax. There were about 15 rallies taking place today across the province and I attended the Vancouver affair held outside the new convention centre.

Premier gordo campbell and his LINO* party has seen fit to initiate this program next year in the province without having the integrity to advise the voters prior to his re-election in May of this year.

Good job, gordo.

If your're not familiar with the program, you can check the chief economist of TD Bank's review
here and here. Here is an anti-HST site of interest, also.

All in all, it was a beautiful day for a protest rally and the organizers put the Vancouver attendance at between 4 - 5,000. It will be interesting to see the MSM's estimates.

One of the great things about this gathering was the "harmony" of opposing viewpoints. Political parties from the Communist Party to the Libertarian Party, and organizations representing senior citizens and students.

I guess gordo has unified something in BC, anyway.


Beautiful day for a protest rally

The crowd

Typical sign

Bill Vander Zalm, former Socred premier

Carole James, NDP Leader

Vicki Huntington, Independent MLA

Our West End MLA, Spencer Herbert

Ellen Woodsworth, COPE City Councillor

Chris Delaney, Deputy Leader, BC Conservatives

My favourite sign:

Don't ya' just love it ? ? ? ?

* Liberal in name only

UPDATE on gordo's popularity.

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