Friday, September 04, 2009

Great! Cheaper Bullets ! ! ! !

More great news from south of the 49th!

Who knew you could actually save $$$ on guns and ammo just 'cuz it's a holiday weekend?

From the Miami Herald, but thank goodness, this is not about Florida for a change:

Louisiana debuts tax-free shopping for guns, ammo, more

By DOUG SIMPSON - Associated Press Writer

Paul McCrory won't go deer hunting until November, but Louisiana's new "sales tax holiday" on hunting equipment makes this weekend his best opportunity to shop for bullets and a new rifle.

Gun shop owners report customers like McCrory are enthusiastically planning to stock up on bullets, shells, shotguns, rifles and handguns - all of which will be sold without the 6 percent state sales tax or local sales taxes Friday through Sunday. That means a 9-percent tax break for Baton Rouge shoppers, several of whom said they planned to take full advantage.


Jim McClain, owner of Jim's Firearms in Baton Rouge, said his regular customers are well educated about the program: Dozens of regular customers have come to his store in recent weeks to have guns set aside, so they can return over the weekend and save money on taxes. Among the 80 firearms he's holding are a $3,500 shotgun - a purchase that will cost $315 less without taxes.

"It should be a fairly busy weekend. We've got quite a lot of weapons on hold right now," McClain said.


Adam Featherston, 21, said Thursday he was price shopping at Jim's Firearms and another store. The Baton Rouge auto mechanic said he planned to spend about $1,000 on bullets and two rifles over the weekend, for himself and his fiancee to use in deer season.

Featherston said he thought a tax break was especially appropriate for hunters because the cost of ammunition has shot up over the past year.

"It's a good idea because we're having to pay $5 extra now for bullets," he said. "I'm going to get everything I need now, so I'll be ready in November."

Saving $$$ on items to kill and maim living creatures.

What more could a self-respecting NRA member ask for ? ? ? ?

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