Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Real Function of the Gall Bladder

Oh, for heaven's sake. Here's our Mr. Harper fretting about the threat to Canada of having an election:

The Prime Minister repeated his message that a hasty trip to the polls threatens Canada's economic recovery. “An election does nothing but present a great risk to the country,” he said.

Gee, please explain how that could be worse than the 2008 spring, summer and fall of legislative non-action followed by a bit of a change -- the pro-rogueing of Parliament -- during the market collapse and economic panic of our largest trading partner.

That's the difference between modern day Harperites and the people to the left of him (i.e. nearly everyone else.) They have huge gall bladders, up to 3 times the normal weight. Could be worse -- south of the border right-wingers have gall bladders the size of cantaloupes.

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