Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The BC "Liberals" fly their true colours

When things get dirty, so do conservatives, and that's what Gordon Campbell really is.
The provincial Environment Ministry has suffered deep cuts in Tuesday's budget and a levy that raised $25-million annually for clean energy has been repealed, raising questions about the direction of Canada's greenest province.
And if you want to make matters worse, this crowd has suddenly realized how many businesses are about to get royally screwed by their acceptance of Flaherty's $1.6 billion bribe and are now trying to find ways to rebate a seven percent tax increase on almost everything.

If you want to know how people are feeling about this pack of lying hyenas (my apologies to that wild species) you only have to travel the Trans-Canada Highway from Victoria to Duncan. Just east of Duncan you will see a sign which says it all.

George W. Bush for Premier.

Campbell won't understand that. The same as he didn't comprehend that drinking and driving was a criminal act for everyone.

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