Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Better Than a Stapler ? ? ? ?

The following was a news report from the local newspaper in our former NW Florida home:

Fugitive drops to his knees, prays

A man who later told cops he was afraid of being Tasered fled when a _______ Police Department officer tried to pull him over for not wearing a seat belt, according to the man's arrest report.

The man took off running, leaving the keys in the ignition of his car. The car was towed from the scene.

More than three hours later, he came to the police department asking about his vehicle.

He said he got nervous when he saw the marked patrol car turning around and following him. He said that he panicked "out of fear of being shot by a Taser." He ran into a church, dropped to his knees and prayed, he told the police officer.

He then hid in the bushes until a friend picked him up.

The 27-year-old ______ man was charged with resisting an officer without violence.

The sad thing is, "drf" is headed down there this week.

Pray for him . . . .

Lady Alison: Please note how the "TM" was not utilized in the article. Somebody needs to clue them in, eh?

H/T: "drf"

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