Friday, February 27, 2009

Callsign for Pete

Haloscan seems to be a little messed, so I'm turning my comment into a post.

Minister MacKay seems to be well into machoneering with military folks, incoming mortar fire (no helmets for him!), fighter-interceptors, and big Russian bombers. To hear him talk, you think he'd personally piloted a lone CF18 back in time into the maw of massed Soviet air defences and personally saved the precious bodily fluids of the future US president, denizens of Ottawa, and free world generally.

In light of this extremely gallant and courageous flight of rhetoric, above and beyond the call of duty of a Conservative cabinent minister, I think it's high time we accord him with his own callsign.

The obvious starter might be Peter "Weepy" MacKay. Or maybe Pete "Airshow" Mackay. Pete "Mad Russian", Pete "Bomber"...Peter "Bear"? Petey Bear (with apologies to real bears)? List yours in comments and/or on your blog. If we get enough, perhaps we'll have a vote.

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