Saturday, February 28, 2009

And now ... Pete "Airshow" MacKay ....

A little musical accompaniment to Dave, Boris, and Ed's posts yesterday on DEFCON 4.2 Pete "Airshow" MacKay and the timely fashion in which he, um, scrambled Canadian jet fighters to save Obama from the Russkies in, um, international airspace, um, three days before Obama even arrived here.

The Star :
It's not clear why Canada chose yesterday to draw attention to what is a fairly common occurrence.
A senior government official said highlighting the mid-air meeting was a good way to show the worth and relevance of NORAD while its commander, U.S. Gen. Victor Renuart, was visiting Ottawa.
It's also a good way to "get some ink" for Canada's contribution to continental security, the official said.
As Dave said - Awesome.

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