Friday, February 27, 2009

Immune Molecule That Attacks Wide Range Of Flu Viruses Discovered

SCIENCE NEWS IS A RESPITE from Stevie and the RCMP and Tasers and the rest of the lunacy. This news is especially good to know. The discovery of the molecule, an antibody known as CR6261, is good news for researchers who hope to design a flu vaccine that would give humans lifelong protection against a majority of influenza viruses. The antibody also has the potential to treat those who are unvaccinated and become infected with the flu.
In the new research paper, the scientists, composed of a team from Scripps Research and the biopharmaceutical company Crucell, in the Netherlands, show that the CR6261 antibody attaches to the virus that caused the devastating 1918 "Spanish flu" and to a virus of the "H5" class of avian influenza that jumped from chickens to a human in Vietnam in 2004 The scientists at Crucell previously demonstrated in laboratory experiments that this antibody can neutralize common, seasonal flu viruses.

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