Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The part of Super Tuesday I like best.

The most entertaining part of the Super Tuesday bonanza is watching the aftermath, particularly where the Reagan Republicans are concerned.

To wit, Mark R. Levin looks at the trap and decides to chew his own arm off before the jaws snap shut.
The problem is that McCain has a number of factors working against him, including his own long career of hostility toward the people he needs to win the general election. If you can't consolidate and motivate your base, you will not win the presidency. It has been his strategy to distance himself in numerous and provocative ways from his own party.
That would be because they are wingnuts and freaks. Even McCain can't stand them.
He has used the tactic of alienation to pander to constituencies outside the party.
Interesting. To Levin, ignoring the wingnut faction and actually talking to, you know, average Americans is "pandering". If he sucked up to the goofball faction, it would just be good politics. Good Republican politics.
To say, from one's computer keyboard, that the Reagan coalition should unify behind McCain to prevent the specter of a Clinton or Obama presidency is, I believe, wishful thinking.
Get that? This is how the Bushies went to war in Iraq, how the economy tanked and how they managed the US into a state the rest of the world despises. If they can't have it their way, and that means exactly their way with no deviations from their plan, they would rather sit on the curb and wish for ponies.

And we'll just keep watching as the Reagan Republicans turn the guns on themselves.

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