Friday, February 22, 2008

Final round. The Canadian F-word Blog Awards

This is it. The final round of voting is today and tomorrow. You get one vote per IP address.

This is a chance to get a look at the best of the best and expand that list of bookmarks. So, head on over and go through the categories. (Right sidebar when you get there). A vote for any blog in any category is support for everyone.

We're nominated in The Support Bro category. I'd sit and point at ourselves and suggest you should vote for us, but I honestly can't do that. Of the three other competitors in our category, I personally would give my support to any one of them without hesitation.

In the other categories, all the blogs are top-notch. For that reason, endorsing any one of them is simply impossible. I did however, promise that I would endorse one blog in one category.

I'll do that, but to understand why is also important.

I'm not sure if Creekside found us or if we found Creekside. However it worked, Alison is a co-blogger here at TGB because she responded to my begging. She's one helluva political blogger. (As are all the others).

She's got a sharp wit. (Mind you, so do all the others).

She's a diligent researcher. (And, so are all the others).

She's passionate about her position on topics political. (Yes, and so are all the others).

She got me to travel 170 km, using nothing but public transportation and the soles of my shoes to a gathering of bloggers: Bloggerpalooza! (No one has ever done that before).

There. That's as far as I'll go with that and ask that you cast a vote for the blog you think is best in each category.

This is also your last opportunity to make a contribution to WISE. Prole explains it all and, by the way, there is one very interesting little prize-draw being offered to donors.

And lastly, because the troops at A Creative Revolution are administering these awards, they took an ethical approach - they disqualified themselves from the start. They deserve an award just for organizing it, getting it out there and then doing the work. Well done!

Now go vote!

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