Sunday, February 24, 2008

We didn't expect this. I have no speech prepared!

Heavens to BoBo! We hardly expected this. Some people out there in Blogtopia (a term which was coined by Skippy) have extensive blogrolls. So, it was an honour (note the spelling there Skippy) to have been selected from his blogroll for this award.

Skippy was discovered by moue magazine and passed on the award to these fine blogs:

zaius nation

zen comix

whiskey fire

vidiot speak

vagabond scolar

mike, the mad biologist

the galloping beaver

echidne of the snakes

drinking liberally in new milford

the culture ghost


cookies in heaven


blue girl, red state

blue gal

badtux, the snarky penguin

They're all great reading. And now that we are almost at the point of being within six degrees of separation from The Daily show with Jon Stewart, I am happy to move this award along.

In no particular order:

The Woodshed


Moving to Vancouver

Nailing Jello To The Wall

Canadian Cynic

Cap'n Dyke, Pirate Queen

Birth Pangs.

April Reign



Great reading. It's as simple as that. The hard part was keeping down to 10. I would have done the whole blogroll if I could have. (In fact... that's a good idea)

Oh yeah. If those nominated feel so inclined, pass this award on to 10 of those on your blogrolls. We all know we'd like to award our entire blogroll, but if it was easy, we'd all be working for Conrad Black.

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