Tuesday, February 19, 2008

State Police Are Run by the State, Not the Province That Pays Them

We might be able to begin to get a sense of just how committed Harper is to the devolution of powers to the provinces by keeping an eye on how this plays out.

BC has called 2 separate inquiries into the tasering death of Robert Dziekanski. One to look into the use of tasers in BC and the other to look into the events that led to Mr. Dziekanski's death.

Wally Oppal, the BC AG, has invited the federal government to participate.

The Harper government has declined the invitation.

Because, and here is where I speculate, were the feds to participate and should the commission then return a suggestion that tasers no longer be employed in BC, then the feds, who after all give the Queen's Cowboys their marching orders, would feel compelled to go along.

That would make the federal government appear to be taking orders from a province on a law and order issue.

That's Harper's - and Stalkwell Dei's - issue.

Only the federal government can order the outfit not to use tasers and no tin pot provincial government is going to dictate to them how to run their state police force, no matter how many people die.

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