Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mrs. Mills does bra-less

Mrs. Mills, as always, deals with a rather delicate situation. Well, maybe not so delicate.
I am attending a black-tie affair and have chosen my dress for the occasion. I have quite an ample bosom, which I would normally have trussed up in an appropriately supportive garment, but the dress is cut in such a way that a normal bra would be exposed for all to see. Is it acceptable to go bra-less, bearing in mind the amount of potential jiggling around and nipple definition?
Far from leaving the poor woman in a dilemma, Mrs. Mills roots through the drawer and comes up with the answer. And pay close attention to her measurements.
Going bra-less is all down to how confident you feel, as you will discover that your cleavage has an ineluctable power to draw the gaze of men. The eyes of all the women will go in the opposite direction, rolling upwards with exasperation and not a little envy. To avoid a Janet Jackson-style “wardrobe malfunction”, you should use what is known in fashion circles as “tit tape”, although packing tape might be more useful in your case, if you really have a handful to keep in check. (One handful = 4 tbsp or 6in, depending on what you are measuring). You would also be wise to refrain from pogoing or turning cartwheels, at least in the early part of the evening.
Catch the rest of Mrs. Mills at the Times Online.

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