Saturday, January 26, 2008

Right out of the Bush playbook

If this isn't Bush/Cheney Republican then nothing is.

How much is it going to take for people to realize that this is not the Tory party of your fathers and grandfathers?

When is the media going to start asking the hard questions?

Why does it take Bob McDonald, the host of Quirks and Quarks, to tell us this, and why hasn't the screaming started? McDonald provides us with things science; he shouldn't have to report the news of the Conservative Party's latest move toward the Bush culture.
The one scientist in this country who had direct access to the Prime Minister is being dismissed. Canada’s National Science Adviser, Dr. Arthur Carty, was appointed by former Prime Minister Paul Martin to provide expert advice on the government’s role in matters of science and science policy. Now, less than four years after the position was created, the Harper government feels that it’s no longer necessary.

The National Science Adviser is a voice of reason to the government over actions it should take on issues such as climate change, genetically modified foods, managing fisheries, sustaining the environment - any time the politicians need to be educated on the basic science behind those often controversial issues. Of course, decisions are seldom made for purely scientific reasons; all too often, the interests of industry, special interest groups or a misinformed public will cloud the scientific truth. The Adviser’s job is to provide clarity and perspective.

Clarity and perspective. Right.

Now I get it. That would be in the interest of knowledge and sound decision making. Unless it translates into votes and more power, it has no meaning in Harper's crowd.


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