Tuesday, January 22, 2008

David Frum puts a new coat of paint on his hypocrisy

David Frum needs to gather his carcass in front of a mirror. The National Post, according to Frum, invited writers to submit their comment on the R v Morgentaler case, the outcome of which invalidated Canada's anti-abortion statutes, and discuss the legacy of the case.

David Frum, you will recall, was the author of the line in the 29 January, 2002 State of The Union address in which George W. Bush declared Iraq, Iran and North Korea an Axis Of Evil. Frum had been assigned the task of painting Saddam Hussein as the greatest living threat to US security. And so, Frum joined in the conspiracy of lies which led to the unprovoked attack on and the invasion of Iraq.

He's doing it again. In the National Post article Frum states this:
Late-term abortions remain legal in Canada. When it was reported that no Canadian doctor would perform them, the Quebec government acted to create a new clinic in Montreal specifically for this purpose. All this is the legacy of the Morgentaler case — even if Morgentaler himself condemns late-term abortion as ethically offensive.
Yes, Dr. Morgentaler has some concerns, but he has not condemned them.

Further, Frum is trying to make a case against abortion of a fetus by providing the most graphic case possible - late term abortion. What he doesn't tell you is that over 97 percent of abortions in Canada are performed before the 16th week of pregnancy.

Third trimester abortion is not something a pregnant woman would take lightly. A woman doesn't carry a pregnancy through to a late term and then suddenly decide, "Oh. I don't want to have this baby."

It normally involves severe medical complications and neither David Frum nor any other individual not involved in the health of the mother or the fetus have any right to interfere with or know what those complications entail.

Frum is simply repeating an oft heard line from his ilk that rare late-term abortions are common.

If there is anything in Frum's article which should be wound up and stuffed firmly up his ass it is the title:
David Frum: The Morgentaler decision cheapened the worth of human life

And I wonder how Frum, who was an active participant in the lies and manipulation which resulted in the Bush administration's attack on Iraq, considers that he, who bears equal responsibility for hundreds of thousands of deaths of Iraqi civilians, children included, feels he has any credibility suggesting that anyone other than himself has cheapened the worth of human life.

Frum has blood on his hands and has no room to comment.

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