Saturday, January 26, 2008

The new RAMBO is out... and La Senza is having a Valentine's Day sale.

A movie review? Hardly. I don't really do such things unless there is enough complexity to engage the brain.

No, this is a comparison. Here is a movie reviewer having at the latest Rambo offering.
Sylvester Stallone insisted he would only do another "Rambo" flick if it was about the human condition.

He stuck to his guns. Chapter 4, simply titled "Rambo," is about the condition of humans - after they've been blown apart by bombs, land mines and projectiles fired from the biggest, loudest firearms you may ever encounter on screen.

A box-office and critical joke for years with a string of absurd movies, Stallone regained a lot of good will with fans on 2006's "Rocky Balboa," a resurrection of his most-famous character that proved an unlikely commercial success and also earned the respect of many reviewers.

"Rocky Balboa" got back to the core of the lovable goof known as the Italian Stallion, evoking a lot of the charm of the original "Rocky" and rinsing out some of the bad taste left by the increasingly caricatured sequels.

Co-written and directed by Stallone, "Rambo" is sickening, almost degenerate, in its savagery. Any hope that it might redeem the franchise the way "Rocky Balboa" did vanishes about the time a Burmese soldier bayonets the belly of a child during one of the movie's early sequences of utter carnage.


The movie might satisfy bloodthirsty action fans, but for most people, this is one Stallone do-over we could have done without. One and a half stars out of four.

Now, stroll on over to Canadian Cynic, scroll to the bottom of the post and, (if you dare), click the link.

I almost feel the need to apologize.

But I won't.

If you go to RAMBO you'll probably be disgusted. If you rent this movie, you'll probably be disgusted, intrigued, angry, happy and amazed.

Not that I care, but I thought you should know.

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