Monday, January 14, 2008

Helena Guergis. Bloody-minded bitch.

If Helena Guergis has any form of security clearance for anything more sensitive than UNCLAS it should be removed immediately. Not tomorrow afternoon. It should be gone by morning. Via Impolitical, this excerpt from CBC:
The two politicians also toured a forward operating base in the Zhari region, where Canadian Forces soldiers are training their Afghan counterparts to fight the Taliban.

It was known they had travelled to Kabul, but the details of their trip to southern Afghanistan and their visit to the base were kept secret to protect them from attack.

But Helena Guergis, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, revealed in a Saturday statement criticizing Dion that he would be visiting the Canadian unit called the provincial reconstruction team, or PRT.

Inadvertent slip on Guergis' part?

I. Fucking. Doubt. It.

After she's been stripped of anything resembling a security clearance she should be dismissed from government. Period.

She is a national security risk.

And the next time some Conservative Party fuckwad starts to rattle on about how long it's taken for anyone other than a Conservative cabinet minister on a photo op to get to Afghanistan, they might want to survey the number of times they have gone out of their way to prevent members of the opposition from making such trips.

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