Sunday, January 20, 2008

If there was a principle to defend, I'd defend it.

Dr. Dawg has written a thorough and thoughtful piece on free speech, making particular reference to two cases which have attracted a lot of attention: Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn.
I don't see many people, in fact, other than the hot-tempered complainant in this case, arguing that Levant is on the wrong side of the law here. Most of those on the Left side of the political spectrum do not hold that opinion.
Quite so. If it were simply the principle being defended, I might actually jump in.

I won't do that however, to defend the likes of Ezra Levant or Mark Steyn. Neither of those two rather odious individuals have done anything to garner support from me.

There is also the fact that neither Steyn nor Levant are likely to be taken to task for their published stuff. It may be offensive, (Let's face it. It is offensive.), but I see nothing which one might consider inciting others to violence.

If the principle of free speech was actually under assault and the parties involved were actually worth supporting, you might see something of a fight emerging from this site.

Since the former isn't likely to prove to be the case and the latter have done nothing to deserve any form of support, I really don't care what happens to them.

Nonetheless, Dawg's post is well worth the read.

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