Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I gotchyer operational secrecy right here

Steve Harper, having now made it clear that he will play politics with the lives of Canadian soldiers, is about to find out just how angry certain elements of the... oh! I suppose he may already know.
The Canadian Forces are holding insurgent detainees at their Kandahar Air Force base rather than turning them over to Afghan authorities, are taking fewer prisoners and are quickly releasing some of them.

The information, provided to The Globe and Mail by sources, answers questions about Canada's new policy for handling detainees that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other ministers repeatedly refused to provide Monday, citing the need for combat operational secrecy.

Hmmm... I honestly don't know if I would have provided quite that amount of information, but I probably don't have to paint to much of a picture to give you an idea of what's happening here. Steve's "operational security" caveat doesn't have the stranglehold on information that he might have originally thought.

Reports have also emerged that General Rick Hillier, Chief of the Defence Staff, was furious with the Prime Minister's Office's handling of the military's new policy and angrily telephoned Mr. Harper Friday night after letting it be known he was “tired of being used” in political controversy.
It looks like Steve's book of secrets is coming apart at the binding.

Might I add, that this is just the start?

I guess since Steve has established his entire hold on power on the premise that he's the only one who actually knows what's going on and everyone else is too stupid to actually understand, there's little chance he'll see what's approaching from behind.

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