Monday, January 21, 2008

Harper can smell an election

And, jeebus, I can taste it.

Note the sudden flurry of Conservative cabinet ministers descending on, well, election hot spots to... shovel goodies off the back of the truck.

I wish I could say that this is a Conservative modus operandi, but it isn't. It's the M.O. of all politicians about to go into an election.

First we have the man who would have made your iPod useless and his sidekick, "Torture is what people of colour do" making an announcement in Quebec.

Electoral purpose: Yes, your native sons are being killed in a far off, distant land, but look at the money we're going to throw your way. Isn't it all better now? Vote for me. We have created new jobs... with your money.

Next, we have this little announcement. Prentice and MacKay this time... in MacKay's riding.
Atlantic Canadian aerospace companies will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in defence contracts as the result of a move to replace the military's Hercules transport aircraft, two federal cabinet ministers are expected to announce Tuesday.

Electoral purpose: Yes, we have insulted you for being what you are, but look at all the money we're going to throw your way. Isn't it all better now? Vote for me. We have created jobs... with your money.

Then, we have watersport champion and drug-deal awareness aficionado Stockwell Day horning in on the Bellingham shopping crowds' time. That's right. No passports for you lotus-eaters. Just get a new driver's licence. You can zip through the Peace Arch crossing as though there was never an office of Homeland Security on the other side. Despite the fact that driver's licensing is a provincial matter, good old Stockwell, the man who knows the value of a wet-suit, made it look like a federal matter.
British Columbians will soon be able to get a high-tech driver's licence that could be used as an alternative to a passport to cross into the United States by land and sea.

The licences, part of a pilot project involving the province, Washington state and the federal government, will initially involve 500 volunteers who agree to share personal information with Canadian and U.S. authorities.

"The new enhanced driver's licence will confirm both the holder's identity and Canadian citizenship, and can be used at land and water border crossings in place of a passport," Premier Gordon Campbell, with federal Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day looking on, said Monday.

Privacy? No, no. no. Not if you want to shop at Bellis Fair. Just give it up and things will be just ducky. Super-cop Stock will make it easy for you. Well... maybe.

"B.C. came forward early on with the suggestion of enhanced driver's licences," he said. "Because of their vision ... we're now able to announce that British Columbia will be the first to engage in this pilot project."
Yes... that would be B.C. That place which the federal finance minister chose to leave off the map of Canada during the last federal budget speech. Not a problem. This promotion of cross-border shopping is a good thing. Well... maybe.

Day emphasized, however, that while the enhanced licences are an alternative, Canadians are still urged to get a passport.
You know... because it's US law if you want to go to the US.

Get ready for more of this. When a government is desperate, they resort to desperate measures: Blowing the living daylights out of your tax dollars.

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