Monday, January 28, 2008

The age of American Idol is over (Because they're coming to repossess your big-screen plasma TV)

I hear that George Bush gave some kind of speech tonight. Damn! I wish they would announce those kinds of things in advance. You just know he's going to fuck something up.

I guess it doesn't really matter anymore. Anything the moron has to say is pretty much irrelevant and the fight is on to nominate the contenders.

Driftglass lays it all out and concludes with his special eloquence. His point: This is, perhaps, the only chance anybody will have to fix the damage done by an administration of self-absorbed assholes.
Because with the globe in genuine peril, Dubya's six-week Cakewalk War about to enter its sixth year, the nation plunging into the shitter, our Constitution begging for help and the Supreme Court one bad cold or slippery patch of pavement away from a bulletproof wingnut majority for the next 20 years, I for one am all finished with losing nobly and consoling myself that at least I kept my political hymen pure and intact.

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