Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, didn't the Harperites prove what cowardly, slimy gathering of pieces of shit they can really be. They had to wait until dark and until the media went to bed to do this:
The federal government late Tuesday night fired Linda Keen as president of the embattled Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

In a brief statement before midnight, commission spokesman Aurele Gervais said Keen "has been terminated" as commission president.

Keen's dismissal as president - she is expected to continue sitting as a commissioner - follows a month of increasingly bitter and politicized rancour between Canada's nuclear watchdog and the country's primary nuclear operator, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.


What a bunch of fucking cowards!

I hope you (Yeah! And we.) get your assed sued nine ways to Sunday for this.

Harper just proved that safety is trumped by corporate profits.

And stupid isn't even the start of it.

You're so dumb you want to keep Chalk River alive, Harper?

You've got it motherfucker.


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