Thursday, December 15, 2005

Told Ya So!

Yesterday, I headlined that US Ambassador Wilkins was actually working for Paul Martin's campaign.

Today, a Decima poll, taken after Wilkins' speech and Martins "Shove it, Wilkie!" response produced the following:

A new poll by Decima Research suggested the dustup attracted a larger voter audience and raised support for the Liberals.
The online survey found that twice as many respondents said Wilkins's speech made them feel more inclined to vote Liberal (24 per cent) than Conservative (11 per cent).
It also found that 84 per cent of respondents had heard about the dispute.

So, Mr. Wilkins, if you really want a Conservative government in Canada, you're going to have to call Stephen Harper a dough-head. (Don't worry about that letter to the Washington Times. Means nothing really. It's just Stephen doing a little Moonie-bashing).

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