Friday, December 30, 2005

Know your candidate. Conservative wingnuts..part deux

Where in the world does the Conservative party dig up their candidates from? First there was Darrel Reid, the former president of Focus on the Family Canada, and now Rob Anders.

Anders, the Conservative candidate and current Member of Parliament for Calgary West is an embarrassment to any rational thinking human being. This is the man who blocked the Canadian House of Commons from bestowing honourary Canadian citizenship on Nelson Mandela (an act that requires a unanimous vote). Anders, the lone holdout, refused to vote along with the rest of the Commons because he believes Mandela to be “a communist and a terrorist”. Huh????? He then managed to bring further shame on himself by refusing to answer the phone when Mendela attempted to call him.

He has no qualms about kicking his constituents in the economic teeth. His riding was allocated $ 500,000 in grants to create student jobs. He refused the grants saying that it would create “"unfair interference in the free market". Ummmm, shouldn’t an MP be trying to create employment in their riding, not unemployment?

In February 2000, Anders was forced to leave Chinese New Year celebrations on Parliament Hill because he was wearing an anti-China T-shirt. Even members of his own party were disgusted with him.

In the current election campaign, Anders sent out a questionnaire to voters asking four questions:

Do you like the way Paul Martin spends your taxes?
Are the Liberals doing enough to fight crime?
Do you support homosexual sex marriage?
Do you think more should be spent on the military?

Look at question number three. Homosexual SEX marriage? As opposed to …homosexual friendship marriage? But the real kicker is, he sent out this survey to voters in British Columbia. Anders is a candidate in Alberta!

If the Conservative Party of Canada wants to lead this country and thereby act as the representatives of all Canadians, they really, really need to do some housecleaning in regards to their candidates.


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