Saturday, December 10, 2005

Not Getting Your Point Across? Mow The Carpet!

Mrs. Mills is an advice columnist in the Times of London. Always a good read, she provides the most practical advice for the oddest of problems. From the 10 December edition, this teenage dilema caught my attention:

As a teenager, I regularly have screaming matches with my parents. I storm up to my room, but unfortunately the carpet is high, so when I attempt to slam the door it goes very slowly and doesn’t shut properly. How can I slam my door so it’s loud and my parents know I’m angry?


And the answer...

Use the lawnmower to trim the pile of the carpet to the height at which the door will swing easily.

You simply don't get that kind of practical advice from a major newspaper on this side of the Atlantic.... except for Newfoundland. (Even I can't figure out the beer order).

Do check out the rest of the column.