Thursday, December 01, 2005

Exit Rules... FOR THE NEXT WAR!

From UPI, The Washington Times reports that the Pentagon has issued orders that will require a post-conflict stability plan.

"Stability operations ... shall be given priority comparable to combat
operations and be explicitly addressed and integrated across all" Pentagon
activities, the directive says.

Well... that's nice. Tell me that Feith isn't involved.

"Many stability operations are best performed by indigenous, foreign or
U.S. civilian professionals. Nonetheless, U.S. military forces shall be prepared
to perform all tasks necessary to establish or maintain order when civilians
cannot do so," the directive says.

Right. Makes sense. A new plan to deal with the problem of maintaining order after destroying a country's infrastucture and government. Let's see.... like at the end of WWII in Germany and Japan!

The Pentagon is full of quick learners, isn't it?

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