Saturday, December 17, 2005

Q: Why do elephants drink so much? A: to try to forget

For years the elephants of Africa have endured taunts and barbs, accused of engaging in wild, drunken, bacchanalian parties after consuming the fruit of the marula tree. Despite their protests of innocence, the elephants have failed to dispel the spurious rumours, until now. Scientists have now proven that even the largest, laziest, couch-potato elephant could not possibly eat enough marula fruit in one day to get drunk. Elephants have announced a celebratory party in honour of their vindication. Free rice beer to all who attend.


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Hania said...

It is because their digestive system capabilities as a human have to drink 4 glass of water minimum a day if you don't you probably face unhealthy situation just like it elephants too. Once an website designing company has written a documentary on this too that if they have lack of water you cant start criticize or taunt other animal or target them.