Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Harper hillbillies, hard at work. Updated

First you read this.

Over the past four years, the Harper government has mocked, ignored or fired almost everyone it has in place to provide guidance on the most complex issues that Canada needs to address.

From the firing of the head of the Nuclear Safety Commission and the watchdogs of the RCMP and military, the national science adviser and Canada's chief electoral officer, to mocking the parliamentary budget officer and members of the diplomatic corps, to attacking the judiciary, charities and human rights groups, there is barely an expert in Ottawa who hasn't been marginalized or disrespected by this government.

Taking note of this.

This government's plan to get out of deficit seems to be to get out of governing. Only the Corrections ministry is expected to see a significant increase in government involvement, growing to $3.128 billion from its current $2.267 billion -- a 36 per cent increase -- by the 2012-14 budget year.
If it is one thing you know the Harperites will build, it is jails. Call it a housing initiative if you're a mouth-breathing, mono-synaptic, Manning Centre operative.

Now go read Impolitical.

UPDATE: Impolitical doesn't have a comment section so I'll put this here. Down at the bottom of her piece is a reference to a Calgary Herald opinion column... written by one Susan Martinuk in which she discusses "confidential" documents... which nobody else ever gets to see.

Of course it's convenient and, well, an attempt at respectability since it's the Calgary Herald and all. Except that Martinuk is a contributor at one of the Harper screech machines (Proud To Be Canadian featuring wanker Joel Johannesen) in the company of none other than Ann Coulter, Doug Giles, Mike Adams and a host of others who would have been better left on the mountain-top with a pack of hungry wolves.

In short, Martinuk is full of shit.

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