Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Documents? What Documents?

Oh! You mean these documents?

Chrolavicius sensed something was amiss when she independently obtained records related to Benatta's case through the Access to Information Act that had not come out through the court process.
Still, the government said in a submission to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice that additional documents and information "simply do not exist."
It said the allegation that the Crown's search for documents had been deficient was based largely on speculation, intuition, guesswork and erroneous assumption.
In December, the court ordered the government to come up with a more complete list of documents, saying the original was "deficient in form and substance."
Initially the government said 113 relevant documents existed, but it now acknowledges 972 items.
Gee, it's as if lower level civil servants were following the example set by those at the top or something.

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