Friday, April 09, 2010

Dear 800 pound gorillas at Facebook...

You are displaying all the attributes of complete morons.

Apparently, Facebook, that faceless social networking giant that really wants to be the market square, inner-city pub and urban playground of the world, doesn't like the idea of someone depicting the image of an infant being fed by its mother.

In fact, Facebook deleted the artwork of Kate Hansen because... well, why don't we let her explain. We'll wait here.

Ms. Hansen's art is, at least by my reckoning, hardly what I'd call hateful, threatening or obscene. Yet that is the only explanation Facebook provided Kate for removing her artwork: That somehow it fell into one of those categories.

The women in Kate's art aren't even fully nude. There are no body parts showing that you can't see at a christian temperance league barbeque and beach gathering.

What is it that Facebook thinks is hateful, threatening or obscene? Could it be the actual act of breastfeeding?

Time to give Facebook some dairy queen time.

Hat tip - Gregor

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