Monday, July 06, 2009

There are some things that just shouldn't be on Facebook

Like your name, your picture, your address and the fact that you've just been appointed the head of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

The new head of MI6 has been left exposed by a major personal security breach after his wife published intimate photographs and family details on the Facebook website.

Sir John Sawers is due to take over as chief of the Secret Intelligence Service in November, putting him in charge of all Britain's spying operations abroad.

And just to make sure...
On the day his appointment was announced, she wrote: 'Congrats on the new job, already dubbed Sir Uncle "C" by nephews in the know!'
There are those in the British government who held strong reservations about Sawers' appointment. Although he started out his career with MI6 he has spent most of his life as a diplomat. He currently represents Britain on the UN Security Council.

I somehow think he was hoping nobody would take to writing on his wall.

And, from Dr. Prole.

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