Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Conservative yapper Bill Kristol gets his pants removed...

By Jon Stewart.

Kristol claims that Stewart trapped him somehow.

Somehow?! Stewart did it with maneouvre and exceptional skill. Kristol was, as usual, totally unarmed and unable to defend his ridiculous position.

Ridiculous? Yeah. Because if any American believes, based on the ruminations of the likes of a highly priviledged William Kristol, that single-payer health care doesn't deliver is listening to the wrong people.

Stewart didn't go where others had gone and attempt to defend the eleven different systems that exist under the Canadian scheme of health care. No, he took a road closer to home and pointed at the US, government-operated, military health care system. He dangled it in front of Kristol who was only too happy bite... until he realized there was a gigantic barbed hook attached and Stewart was ripping his gill plates out.
“So no public option, even though that’s good enough for the military — not good enough for the people of America?” Stewart asked.

“They do not deserve the same quality of health care the soldiers fighting deserve, and they [the soldiers] need all kinds of things we don’t need,” Kristol said.

“Are you saying that the American public shouldn’t have access to the same quality of health care that we give to our better citizens?” Stewart asked.

“To our soldiers? Yes, absolutely,” Kristol responded, to a chorus of boos from the audience.

An incredulous Stewart asked: “Really?”

Moments later, Kristol added that “one of the ways we make it up” to soldiers that they receive relatively low pay is by “giving them first class health care. The rest of us can go out and buy insurance.”

That’s when Stewart struck.

“Bill Kristol just said … that the government can run a first-class health care system and a government-run health care system is better than the private health care system.”

“You trapped me somehow,” a visibly uncomfortable Kristol responded.

Raw Story has the video, well worth the watch.

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