Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The culture of conspiracy has probably hung one of their own

Ha! This is almost too funny.

It's not as though the "Birthers" conspiracy hasn't already been torn to ribbons as less than the most ridiculous bullshit ever to arise from a U.S. election, but it's quite likely that US Army Reserve Major, Stefan Fredrick Cook, a combat engineering officer from Florida, will face disciplinary action, possibly up to a general court-martial, for his antics.

Although the US Army is onto Cook's little game and have removed him from the picture in such a way that Cook doesn't get to squirt his conspiracy theory all over a Georgia courtroom, I expect Major Cook will indeed find himself in court in the not too distant future - as the defendant.

And before somebody comes haulin' in saying they can't do that to a reservist not on active duty... oh. yes. they. fucking. can.

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