Wednesday, July 08, 2009

This would be the time for the July snowball fight

I never thought I would find myself in a position defending Stevie. The worst part is, it's either him or them, and he wins.

Honestly, can anybody realistically call this an issue?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper should not have accepted communion at Roméo LeBlanc's state funeral in Memramcook, N.B., the archbishop of Moncton said Wednesday.

Msgr. André Richard said the church law is clear, but he is not looking for any apologies or explanations from Harper or the Prime Minister's Office.

Cameras were rolling when communion hosts were offered to people attending the funeral for the former governor general on July 3.

Harper, who is an evangelical Protestant, accepted the host but appeared to put it in his program or his pocket, according to some onlookers.

Big, hairy, fucking, deal.
The Catholic church is in a position to ask anybody for an apology or an explanation, even if they don't expect one? They employ pedophiles!

Harper does not subscribe to the Roman Catholic religion. He has no clue as to their strange rites and superstitious ceremonies. Hell, I might have done exactly the same thing as he is being accused of. What the fuck do I do with this tasteless wafer... made in Italy?

Practically, he clearly didn't need the extra calories. Click on the picture for a WIDER view.

If I have a complaint it is with his office. A real PMO would have briefed the boss on protocol. But they didn't bother. They're too busy generating attack ads on the opposition. The duly elected opposition.

That, I care about.

I don't give a red rats ass what Harper did with a tasteless piece of bread with a superstitious meaning attached. That's not important. The man clearly wasn't hungry. Look at him ferchrissakes.

This stuff is important.

The kewl kids in the PMO would love to see everybody wrapped up in some ridiculous sanctity of the one true church controversy. It gives them room.

They don't deserve it.

Focus, people. And keep digging. Harper can fill his pockets with saltines for all I care (and apparently, he'll eventually eat them) but it's what he does when he's not at superstitioun-riddled events outside his bubble that counts.

Focus. This is a ridiculous blur.

PZ Myers, world famous cracker disposal expert, is on the case. The comments make a long stay worth every minute.

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