Friday, July 03, 2009

The self-absorbed shithead who thinks himself head of state....

Stood on the saluting stand on Canada Day and violated the honour of every member of the Canadian Forces past and present.

The prime minister of Canada is not the head of state. That position belongs to the Queen of Canada.

The prime minister of Canada is not the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. That duty rests with the Governor General of Canada.

The prime minister of Canada, as head of government, is entitled to a 19-gun salute, to a maximum of once per year, when at an established saluting station, as an honour gained at having been appointed by the Governor General. Canadian Forces Administrative Order 61-8 leaves no part of that in question. (It apparently has not been re-issued as a DAOD).

The prime minister of Canada is not entitled to a Canadian Guard of Honour. Ever. Heritage minister James Moore is wrong. But then, that's hardly surprising. The Conservatives simply took a matter of national military ceremonial intended for visiting foreign dignitaries and twisted the meaning to include their fat-assed, lense-loving, megalomaniac. Josef Stalin would be proud.

Harper stood there, in all his magnificent corpulence, having never crossed the threshold of a CF recruiting office door, because he missed that part of his life, with nary a decoration to his name and took a salute from the Governor General's Foot Guards... in a blatant and intentional breach of protocol.

If Harper wants a salute, he should visit me. I'll give him exactly what any mealy-mouthed politician is entitled to. I'll even tell him what to wear:

Groin protection.

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