Thursday, July 09, 2009

19 months

That's how long it took the Harper government to wreak complete and utter havoc on Canada's medical system.

When the Chalk River reactor was shut down in December, 2007, Harper and his gang of thugs had a choice. They could deal with the situation temporarily and get down to work developing viable alternatives to the aging Chalk River reactor and a looming medical isotope crisis, or they could stand around screaming their lungs out about how this is nothing but an attempt to make them look bad.

In short, the simple choice was to either govern on behalf of all Canadians or play politics on their own behalf.

The Harper crowd chose to play politics. (Original quote from the Globe and Mail, 13 Dec. 2007)
Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed yesterday that someone will be held to account for the shutdown of the reactor that produces half of the world's medical isotopes as his government searched for culprits to blame in its battle with the country's nuclear regulator.

"I can certainly assure the House that when this is all behind us, the government will carefully examine the role of all actors in this incident and make sure that accountability is appropriately restored," Mr. Harper said in the House of Commons.

Nothing about actually solving the problem; nothing about going into the future; nothing about actually governing.

There was a solution, perhaps even a number of them, but they were blinded by their warped ideology and their lust for blood. Typical of the type of hard-right, social conservative animal that populates the Harper party, they felt it important to present themselves as authoritarians.

They did the only thing they knew how to do and chose punishment over planning and progress. Harper fired the only person who had a clear view of the situation, claiming that Linda Keen was a Liberal appointee who was obviously trying to undermine Harper's authority.

It's worth examining for a moment the reason Harper and his circle-jerk of ministers believed Keen's motivation was anything but professional. It's because that's what they would do and they have proved it through an endless stream of advertising smearing anyone or anything that has the slightest appearance of political opposition.

Instead of spending 19 months putting together a comprehensive solution to a problem of which they were made fully aware, they ignored it and instead gave us oil-blots, crapping Puffins and criticism of anybody who actually possesses a world-view beyond their authoritarian bubble.

And now, today, we get this. (My emphasis)
Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq and Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt issued a joint statement saying they are disappointed the repairs will be delayed. They said the shutdown will result in a significant shortage of medical isotopes in Canada and around the world this summer.

I have directed AECL to give paramount priority to bringing the Chalk River reactor back to service as quickly and safely as possible and will hold AECL accountable to that end,” Ms. Raitt said in the statement.

Roger. Another splat of authoritarian garbage from yet another incompetent Harperite. No plan; no real effort; just a promise to do what the Harper sycophants do best - punish somebody.

Canadians are going to die of diseases having not been diagnosed in a timely manner because of an isotope shortage that the Harper government knew about 19 months ago. Between then and now they have produced nothing. No plan; no solutions; no action. Just threats of punishment.

This is supposed to be a group which understands how to do business and run corporations. The truth is, if they ran a large company the way they run this country the shareholders would tear their guts out at an annual general meeting.

This country is in desperate need of a government.

Now, go read Impolitical.

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