Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Death and Taxes...

And apparently supreme ruler, Stevie Harper only believes in death.
You know, there's two schools in economics on this. One is that there are some good taxes and the other is that no taxes are good taxes. I'm in the latter category. I don't believe that any taxes are good taxes.

10 July, 2009
Yeah... there's black and white. Pure neo-con bullshit.

Jeffery Simpson feels the same way I do.
This assertion, from an interview the Prime Minister gave The Globe and Mail after the G8 summit in Italy, is one of the most stunning, revealing and, frankly, ignorant statements ever made by a prime minister, let alone one who keeps purporting to be an economist, despite doing so many things that economists deplore.

Think about it: The prime minister of a country is saying, “I don't believe that any taxes are good taxes.”

There is no “school,” to use Stephen Harper's word, anywhere in economics that says “no taxes are good taxes.” Not even Milton Friedman and the Chicago school think that. Nor do Mr. Harper's former mentors at the University of Calgary.

And it just keeps getting better.

Bonus! Jennifer explains what Harper doesn't get.

Dan explains that killing taxes starts at home - Harper's home. (I would completely agree to selling off 24 Sussex Drive and forcing the prime minister to find his/her own accommodation. The PM is more than amply compensated. We taxpayers provide an office - provide your own friggin' house.)

By the way, when the Conservatives favourite ambulance chaser-turned-finance minister did a review of assets and announced that so many of them were now surplus, how come the various PM's residences didn't go to the chopping block?

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