Sunday, September 21, 2008

When you were still in middle school, Stevie...

The Cold War was in full throw. There was a whole group of us out there on the wall. Let me tell you about the "glory". There wasn't any. We lived day in and day out with our fingers on the trigger knowing that if we screwed up, it meant the end of civilization. It was actually a crappy job, but because it was so far from home, we relished in it. We loved it because, well, we were right out there on the edge - on the world stage.

You, Stevie, were dealing with teenage politics and I'll take good odds that you weren't one of the cool kids. That's why you're such a nasty little prick now.

Well, Stevie, take a look at what's happening while you fritter away this country's defence dollars on a wasted effort.
Russia's lower house of parliament, passed a 25 per cent increase in defence spending next year from $40 billion to $50 billion. Russia's three-year budget forecast includes further increases to $54.5 billion in 2010 and to $58 billion by 2011.
Yeah, that doesn't look like a lot compared to the US defense budget.
Russia's military budget remains barely a tenth of the $480 billion spent by the US Pentagon this year. Mr Medvedev told defence chiefs last week that the Georgian war showed that Russia had to modernise its military as "one of our top priorities".

Booming oil revenues allowed his predecessor Vladimir Putin to quadruple defence spending, with $189 billion earmarked to upgrade army and navy equipment by 2015.

Right. Except that the US government just had to bail itself out of a financial mess of its own making. Where does the money come from to fund their military adventures now?

And the big question is, who's got the money now?

Are you sure you middle school superheroes didn't just undo all of the work we did in the last half of the 20th Century?

This is for you. The OhMyGod!They'reDoingItAgain! edition. Enjoy.

Thanks to Cheryl

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