Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hugo's Revenge . . . .

This evening's Toronto Star reports:

Venezuela's Chavez revels in Lehman collapse
September 16, 2008 - Reuters

CARACAS– Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took a swipe at Lehman Brothers Tuesday, chuckling over the firm's collapse and dismissing its past criticism of the Venezuelan economy.

"They were always producing negative reports about Venezuela," Chavez told reporters. "They forgot about themselves ... and 'boom!' they were bankrupt."


Chavez's comments echo recent criticism of Lehman by his ally, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez.

Earlier this month, she said the firm should "worry more about their own books" after it raised questions about Argentina's economy.

Lehman filed for bankruptcy Monday.

Payback is a hell of a thing, huh ? ? ? ?

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